Too Good To Go

Here at Hannafore Kiosk we don’t like food wastage, that’s why recently we have joined the ‘Too Good To Go’ waste movement! If you have not before heard of Too Good To Go, its an app where you can search local food businesses and purchase a ‘surprise bag’ for a set price, (ours are under £5) and any food left over from that day will go into your surprise bag that you can collect half an hour before closing. The cost of the food in the bag would equate to a lot more money, but you can get it all for £5 when purchasing one of our surprise bags. We have seen such a huge positive impact on the amount of food we have to throw away and we have received great feedback on our bags. Currently with 67 Reviews we have gained 4.6 stars which is fantastic as we put a lot of care into making them so our customers walk away delighted with their bags. We try our best to run the kiosk the most sustainably as we can, so we are thrilled to be a part of this movement and reduce our food wastegate, we also use sustainable packaging for all of our takeaway food which you can read about  in our blog titled ‘BioPak’.


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